Total black looks: 12 sets in your favorite black color

Black is our “safe area” in terms of fashion issues. Do you want to be sexy? It’s black. Do you want to make an ultra chic look? It’s black. Do you want to go unnoticed but at the same time do not lose your finesse and femininity? It’s black. But this may give you some saturation for the clothes in this shade you already have in your wardrobe. How many different ways to put your little black dress?

How to combine your black pants with a blouse in the same shade without showing you dress uniformly? If all of the above have troubled you, the answers will be given to you in the following gallery where you will also find 12 fresh ways to put total black outfits. Why the dominance of this color in our wardrobe can not be denied, only to accept and exploit it in the most stylish manner.