Stirrup Pants: Another year we will wear all these leggings

When you think of a black leggings you come a lot of things in mind. First of all how useful it is. You can combine them with a loose sweater with a long T-shirt, with a sweatshirt even with an air top and a biker jacket on top. You also think that their narrow design and their delicate texture highlight the curves and with them the imperfections. It’s a fact they do not “hide” extra pounds and show feet closer than they are. But in all the rules there is an exception and in this case it is called “stirrup pants”. This type of black lace has the following practical peculiarities: a rubber band in the finish that catches beneath the foot and if you wear it over a pair of chunky heels you will see that the “trick” catches and your feet will be seen in the minute higher and thinner.

It is also a trendy addition to this classic trouser pattern that gives it a more stylish approach to this new season. The stirrup leggings are very fashionable this year and are all you need to show off your slip dress in the most street way. You can also wear them in the morning with a men’s coat and a long shirt giving a twist to your corporate look. There’s one more addition you need to make on your shopping list for these celebrations ..