If you think the mini skirts do not fit all you have not seen this design!

The midi and maxi skirts, more or less, flatter all body shapes. If you have a highlighted periphery and thighs you can wear one with folds or an alpha line and “cover” the points in question without losing femininity or betraying your style. The mini, however, this kind of skirt that Mary Quant invented in the 1960s and since then has become synonymous with our sexy and hype concurrent appearances, is another “case”. More complicated. Even in the winter when you put a pair of pantyhose and chunky boots or boots over your knee, it does not fit in girls whose thighs are not proportional to the rest of their body. Especially in its narrow version. But there is a mini skirt design that looks “right” on all of us, like our feet or our hips.

And this is the A-line mini skirt, aka short skirt in alpha line. Just because this line is narrow in the middle but it opens gradually as you “go down” to the legs, it does not “touch” our “controversial” point and does not emphasize it the opposite. So if you are not a fan of this style but want to try the F / W 2018-2019 season, choose a trendy tweed, corduroy or vinyl design, combine it with your favorite sweater and create a cozy winter look that can not rather than highlight your style and flatter your body type, whoever he is.