Fashion Quest: Can I wear jean shorts in winter?

Denim shorts is a precious summer outfit that we have connected with walks on the beach, walks on cobbled alleys and carefree drinks at the bars of the islands. So when you’re accustomed to wear a garment in these circumstances and combine it with loose shirts, T-shirts, lingerie tops and of course your swimsuits, it’s hard to think of as part of your winter wardrobe. And the crucial question is one: is your jean shorts worn and in winter? The answer is no. And we will document it straight away. First of all, if you put it with a panty hat, the color contrast with the light blue shade of your shorts will be so intense that the result will be the least bitter.

If you now wear it with a very thin, matt skin-colored pantyhose, “things” are slightly better without that meaning they are also necessarily stylish. Even with oversized sweaters to put on boots (attention: never above the knee, there is nothing less rigid than the combination of denim shorts with over the knee boots) you may have created a casual, concert look that would again show best if you wore it with mini, jean skirt. The conclusion is that such a summerish piece is to stay in its “natural environment” and see it over us in the months of the year when we can circulate with sandals and blackened legs. At any other time and in any other way, it simply shows “tacky”.