Do you want to look taller? Follow these 3 styling tips

One of the things we love in fashion is that it enables us not only to express our true self but also to correct what we may not like about us. If, for example, you think you have high-pitched thighs, there are suitable pieces to “hide” them. If your arms are not your strong point, there are the “right” tops for you. Correspondingly, you can also earn high points with your looks if you follow the 3 styling tips you will find below!

# 1 Wear dresses and jerseys with V neck

This type of neckline, as opposed to the neckline, shows your torso longer and automatically your remaining body. Try them in a mini or maxi dress and you will instantly see a difference without even having to wear heels.

# 2 Vertical stripes are your friends

And we do not mean to combine two striped pieces together. The result may not justify you and your look will point to a print that reminiscent of an interior teetone. But we mean wearing a striped pants or a striped mini skirt and you will see your legs look farther away.

# 3 To God … never printed pieces together!

Monochrome finishes do not forget this. On the contrary, a set with two printed pieces together will create a loaded set that will make you look more petite while our goal is the exact opposite.