Do you like oversized woolen sweaters? See 3 new ways to wear them

If there is a kind of garment in abundance in all winter wardrobes this is of course the sweater. And we are not negotiating it. You collect different sweater styles from high school to this day and we are sure that at some point in your life you have worn everything! Monochrome, colorful, cropped, long, turquoise, with V, narrow but also oversized. For these things we will speak today.

For these wide and usually long sweaters you have in your wardrobe and you can not think of any other way to wear them except with leggings and jeans. And yet there are others to see this, the not too flattering – but very hot piece – that you have in your wardrobe, stylish, trendy, dynamic even sexy. Discover three of them in the gallery below and never think that oversized sweaters are “boring”! Why the unjust! And the wrong on this site we do not want …