Caro: How to wear the hottest print of the season

The plaid has been starring in this winter’s costume choices, and this is undisputed. We see it in shop windows, we see it in magazines, sites, fashion bloggers, we can see it even in our wardrobe because we can not have a curse already, or if we have not already got it we will have already in our wardrobe . And when a trend is so massive, it is difficult to adopt it without undergoing stylistic com- munities.

Plaid is an “intense” print that if you wear it properly you can move away from its natural nature and make a loud fashion statement by incorporating it into your look. Below you will find many, new and extremely interesting ways to put it this year either as a basic or as a complementary part of your outfit. Look and pick which matches your style and the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Because if you have to wear only one trend this year, that’s the check. #law